What To Do If You Are Behind With Your Payments

What To Do If You Are Behind With Your Payments

August 2, 2021
Are you behind your payments

Benjamin Marks – The humorous side to borrowing

If you are behind with your payments and ignoring your phone or living a life on the run, the following points may help you remain anonymous:

First, your getaway vehicle should be a white car, as white signifies peace and purity, so the cops are less likely to stop you.

Second, don’t tell your young children as they are not good at holding secrets.

Third, don’t visit petrol stations, as they all have video surveillance.

Fourth and final, don’t use any devices connected to the internet or to a phone networks.

Of course, we are only joking but keeping up your payments is an important part of your life. It affects your credit record and the way you live. A bad credit record can restrict you in so many ways. So instead of not responding to your lender, simply contact them!

You are not alone and at Adam Smith we are trained to be compassionate and to deal with issues that may arise. You won’t be the only person to contact us, it is a part of what we do because life wasn’t meant to be easy. During the pandemic we have helped customers with payments, or we simply make the time to have a chat in times of isolation. 

When you call you will be speaking with a person that wants to help, if not then it is time you found a better lender, at Adam Smith our customers are our focus. There are many ways we can help, and it is important to find a solution that suites both parties.

There are lots of things that can be done. We can reduce payments, we can adjust the payments so you pay interest only and we can defer your payments for a short time.

The important thing is the balance between your ability to pay and our need to keep you on track, so you don’t fall behind. We don’t want your debt building to a point where you simply become overwhelmed and can’t afford the future repayments.

You don’t need to be on the run and hide. You simply need to touch base and talk to your lenders responsible manager and find a way through the difficulties you face.

At Adam Smith we are here to help.